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Corn Hole Game Rental

Corn Hole Game Rental
Corn Hole Game Rental

Though many story can can be found the history of the game is mostly unknown. One story has claimed the game was first played in Germany during the 14th century and rediscovered within the last century In Ohio. Many American scholars confirm the game is very similar as a game played amongst Native Americans in Midwest America. The Black Hawk Tribe in Illinois competitively filled pigs’ bladders with dried beans and tossed them for entertainment. Still the debate rages on if the game was created in the Kentucky farmland! The origin of the name “corn hole” came is commonly believed coming from the bags being filled with corn. No matter who invented it, wheather you call it Corn Hole or Bean Bag Toss you can play one of the best backyard games on the market on the beach! The Official Bean Bag Toss Game is the perfect addition to any beach vacation!. Included in this set are 2 game boards and 8 bean bags. Be sure to brush up on your corn hole Terminology.

Ace or cow pie: A bag lands on the board, which is worth one point.

Backstop: A bag that lands past the cornhole but remains on the board creating a backboard for a slider to knock into without going off the board.

Blocker: An ace that lands in front of the hole, essentially blocking the hole from sliders.

Cornfusion: When players or teams cannot agree on the scoring of a given inning.

Cornhole or Drāno: A bag falls in the hole, which is worth three points. The alternative name is a reference to a trademark, that of a sink clog clearing product.

Dirty bag: A bag that is on the ground or is hanging off the board touching the ground. Dirty roll up:A point scored when the bag hits the ground before landing on the board.

Gusher or Jumanji or double deuce or Catorce Four Bagger or Four Pack: Four cornholes by a single player in a single round.

Hammer: The last bag tossed each round.

Hanger or Shook: An ace on the lip of the hole ready to drop.

Honors: The team who tosses first, resulting from the team scoring last.

Skunk or whitewash, shutout: A game that, by some rules, ends in an 11–0 score.

Slider: A cornhole that slides into the hole.

Swish: A bag that goes directly in the hole without touching the board.

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